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Our Favorite Family Easter Traditions

Our Favorite Family Easter Traditions

Easter anywhere in the world is a great time to worship our savior and celebrate everything the day stands for. This special time with family and friends takes shape in many different traditions. We’ve gathered some stories of Easter traditions from the Holtz Leather team and put together our favorites here. Enjoy!

Easter Family Traditions

Sunday Best

Quite a few of us at Holtz grew up in nontraditional churches where jeans and a nice shirt were typical Sunday dress. Easter Sunday, however, is typically a time to dress up in your nicest dress or slacks and button down.

“We always made the best of what we had, whether it was new dresses or hand-me-downs. We always tried to look our best, and it was so much fun.” -Moriah

Son-rise Service

Many churches carry on a tradition of “Son-rise” service. This service happens as the sun rises, to symbolize Jesus rising from the grave. A few people said their churches hold a brunch afterward, and have fellowship to start out their Easter Sunday.

“My dad’s the music director at our church, so we get to the service really early. Its always so incredible snuggled up with my family on the church steps listening to hymns before the rest of the world’s awake.” -Hannah

Easter Egg Hunt

So most people have egg hunts on Easter. Some people use plastic eggs, some use real hard-boiled ones. While this is supposed to be a fun time for all, I’ve seen more than a few tears shed over this cut-throat event in the past.

“The Woods’ dad usually has an egg hunt for all of us. The adults and the kids. Everyone has their own color and it normally takes about two hours. It’s a ton of fun.” -Robby

Easter Baskets

The Easter bunny always leaves the good kids Easter baskets on Sunday morning. Sometimes they’re nestled in the living room waiting for sleepy eyes. Other times the Easter bunny hides them and kids have to hunt down their treasure.

“My grandmother used to go all out on our Easter baskets. She would fill it with all the classic cheesy Easter stuff, but also personalize it to each kid. She even kept it up as we got older, and it was always really special.” -Rachel

Family Time After Church

Most families gather for a meal and quality time together after church, on Easter. Some families have big extravagant feasts, and others have just a few dishes of family faves. Either way, mealtime and afterward are normally relaxing fun memories.

“Every Easter, my husband and I would give the girls board games in their Easter baskets. Then we would have family board game time after our lunch. No TV was allowed, just fun time with family.” -Sherry


Easter is such a special day for celebration and worship. This time with family and friends always makes for great memories and traditions that carry on for generations to come.

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