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Holtz Leather Co. Huntsville AL Made in the USA

The All American Bovine

Our Leather

All our products are 100% handmade right here in our Huntsville, Alabama shop with the finest of Full Grain American Leathers. There are only a handful of tanneries left in this country and even fewer use American cowhides. We hand pick our leather hides from an American tannery that has been in operation for well over 150 years.

The All American Cowhide: This ain’t no SISSY-FIED leather. It has a rustic look and feel, just like the leather you would have used back in the old days. Our leather is marked by real life and may contain bug bites, scars, and fat wrinkles. These elements of life only enhance the beauty of our leather goods.

Our leather tells a story. Make it yours–put your mark on it!



FULL GRAIN LEATHER – the best leather money can buy and the only leather that we use. Full Grain refers to the top layer of the hide that contains all the grain. Hence, the name “Full Grain”. The surface of full grain leather becomes a piece of art with age and use.


TOP GRAIN LEATHER – second class leather (kind of like flying coach compared to first class). It is split from the top layer and then sanded and refinished.

GENUINE LEATHER – third class leather (kind of like the classic car that has been restored with Bondo). The finish is usually spray-painted to resemble a higher grade. Ever heard of suede? That’s the scrap cut off of the leather.

BONDED LEATHER – most of this type of leather comes out of China. This leather is ground up like meat and glued together. It is extremely weak and falls apart quickly.

Designed, Tried, and Crafted in the USA with ♥ by us

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