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Holtz Leather & Heritage Wedding Company Lunch

Holtz Leather & Heritage Wedding Company Lunch

Occasionally, we at Holtz Leather and Heritage Wedding, like to break up a  hard days work with a fun lunch. This particular lunch was an especially fun one!

Owners Rick and Coleen had delicious BBQ catered to the shop.  We all ate, socialized, honored some deserving team members, and played with nerf guns.

Thank You For 1 Year at Holtz Leather & Heritage Wedding

After eating, Rick announced that Trey, Sherry, Brooke, Blake and Helena were celebrating their 1 year work anniversary with Holtz Leather and Heritage Wedding. They were each honored with a $200 bonus for their loyal service to the company. Congratulations to you all and we hope you will have many more years with us!


Work Hard, Play Harder

Once we had all congratulated our team members, we gathered to play a game that I imagine was made up by the Holtz kids. We all had to gear up with safety glasses, gloves, and load our nerf guns with 12 shots. We then split into teams of 6. The game was a relay game with the goal of getting balls into a bucket across the room. The winning team won $200 so competition was high. Congratulations to our winners! I’m sad to say I was not on the winning team.

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The Losers!


The Winners!


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