What We are Doing to Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19

April 14, 2020 4 Comments

We're All In This Together. We're here to help.

The supply of masks in our country is critically low. We have the ability to help.As the COVID-19 outbreak has worsened, the CDC has issues a new public health guidance, recommending everyone wear cloth face coverings in certain public settings.

“Everyone, including people without symptoms, should be encouraged to wear non-medical fabric face masks while in public.”
“The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”

There is a great need in our country and around the world as the supply of needed masks is critically low.

Our manufacturing operations have retooled to become a part of the answer.

Our Mask Design

When designing this mask, we knew there was going to be a big need. Withthat
in mind, we went to work and made a mask we feelsafe putting our children in.
Our mask style has been designed to follow the CDC guidelines, can be mass-
produced within our operations, and can be scaled quickly to meet demand,


The mask itself is constructed with 3 layers of material; 2 layers of cotton/poly
material and an internal (non-woven fabric) filter material.

The filter material is a permanent part of the mask, allowing the mask to be more effective.Cloth masks with filter pockets allow the air to bypass around the filter. Our
mask was designed to force the air through the cloth fabric and non-woven filters.
Our mask can also be machine washed as needed.

Carefully made for effectiveness and comfort.Foam inserts around the nose and chin to provide comfort and a tighter seal.

We are extremely careful with the placement of these stitch holes to
not compromise the effectiveness of the mask filters.

Our mask comes with 2 elastic strings you can attach yourself.

To save production time, we will include 2 elastic straps with your order. We ask
that you join our production team, and tie the 2 included elastic straps to your mask
when your order arrives (thus saving us time so we can make more masks!)

Due to the extremely high demand for face masks, please only purchase what you need for your business or family.We are all in this together and with that in mind, we have decided to begin offering
these masks to the broader public at a minimum price. Please do not purchase for

resale or buy more than you need.

Keep in mind that our first priority is to our front line workers!

Shop Now

Holtz Leather Cotton MaskLimited Materials & High Production Efficiency. Due to limited resources and high demand, we are not allowing customers to choose the color of their masks.We are producing masks from gender-neutral colors and you will be shipped what
material we currently have in stock.
This will speed our production.
For Hospitals & Large Front Line Businesses. Please contact our customer service for large volume pricing.
Our production is able to handle large volume orders with quick turnaround. To prevent
misuse of volume pricing, we will require verification of your hospital or organization.

We are able to make masks without the exterior cotton/poly material and
it with medical-grade polypropylene. The Polypropylene material is
reserved for
medical masks as there is limited stock.

Contact UsProduction Time
Our current production time is 3-5 business days.
For orders over 50,000 masks please allow 5-7 business days.
DisclaimerPlease understand that our face masks are not a replacement for medical grade
personal protective equipment. In circumstances where medical grade PPE is
recommended, you should consult a healthcare professional. These masks are
not FDA approved. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.

Join The Fight

4 Responses

Brendan Wagman
Brendan Wagman

May 31, 2020

The masks are terrible. The “elastic bands” that come with the masks are not elastic and do not stretch, making the masks very hard to put on. The edges of the bands are sharp and leave marks on your face where the knots are located. It also took over 3 weeks to receive them. Total waste of money

David W DeVeydt
David W DeVeydt

May 17, 2020

Interested in purchasing two more. Are these still being made and sold online?

Sherrie Norton
Sherrie Norton

May 06, 2020

Are you still producing mask? Tried to purchase and I was directed to a non working page. I would love to purchase 2.
Thanks and stay safe.

Nan Mcconnaughey
Nan Mcconnaughey

May 03, 2020

Love the masks. Fit great. Very comfortable. Thank you!

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