Post Valentine's Day Regrets...

February 17, 2017

Post Valentine's Day Regrets...

(Rick & Coleen in 1994 - 14 yrs old)

Here is my Valentine

Anyone close to me can quickly recite the way I feel about VALENTINE'S DAY!  Ugh...  Why do I need 1 day out of the year to dote and spend money to show my affections for my Love?  I dote, love, and show my affections for my love the other 364 days of the year.  So why dedicate a day to it?

Lets RATIONALIZE - verb ra·tio·nal·ize \ˈrash-nə-ˌlīz, ˈra-shə-nə-ˌlīz\ - :  to bring into accord with reason or cause something to seem reasonable.

So being in marketing I've thought that at its core it boils down to one thing and it aint L. O. V. E.!  It's all about M. O. N. E. Y. - The big heads behind their screens have found yet another deceptive way to pickpocket your pocketbooks in order to spell LOVE...

BY THE WAY, if you're in the market for a new pocketbook because yours has been picked apart by these Valentine's Day savages, we have those under our "wallets" category! :)

(She fell in love with my mad skills - AKA Q.B. #13)

 So... for more  years than I care to admit I have refrained from purchasing you a Valentine's gift or really doing anything on this day because I was above the idea of the mere commercialization of this roman greco holiday.

I was convinced I was thoughtfully pursing you throughout the year.  Right?, all the small signs of love and affection like taking out the trash, putting the kids to bed, bathing the kids, working hard, kissing you throughout the day, holding hands on our daily walks,  telling you how beautiful you are , and the many other small gestures of love...

(Goodness how did I ever get that beauty?? Prom '96)

This year we will be celebrating our 20th year of marriage.  It seems like only yesterday I was turning around during church trying to lock eyes with you.

(above: Our first year of marriage - she willingly followed me to Kansas as I pursued a childs dream of playing football)

All these years later I realize that I'm still a damn fool!  RATIONALIZING... really... rationalizing a day to show you how special you are to me.  I had a MOMENT this Valentine's Day - I wondered... when's the last time I did this or did that for you?  I sadly realized my answer is always "Oh, I can do it tomorrow" but tomorrow never remembers...

I'm a fool for not taking a day to appreciate you for the times you backed down to keep peace in an argument, or the times you sacrificed your desires so that I could have mine, or the tireless hours you invest into our family, and the grace and mercy you give over and over!

You know full well that I'm a person that gets distracted easily with the busyness of life and business.  I now realize that Valentine's Day for me will change forever.  It will be a day that I will slow down and remember the blessing you are to all of us!

To the woman who married a boy and had the Godly patience of putting up with so much immaturity in the hopes that I would become the man of God you so desired.

You had all the risk!

(2017 - I have loved 1 woman with a passion few can understand)

In closing, if you are a typical Dude and have made the same folly I have be sure to recognize the error of your way and repent!  It's totally worth it!!  And.  If you might need a little something to smooth over a bad Valentine's decision; look around our site I'm sure we can fix you up!  (that's my pick)! :)

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