How Disney Made Me Cry...

Magic Kingdom - Disney - Saturday March 3rd

I was completely blown away after the Disney close of park fireworks... Not because of the emotionally charged music, lights, and fireworks but because of the people passing afterwards with tears running down their faces... others talking about the chills all over their bodies.  

This was crazy!!  I turned to Coleen and told her how all these people have lost their mind... Disney has brained washed them all!  

After that night we visited the other 3 Disney parks (Hollywood Studios, Epcot, & Animal Kingdom) plus Seaworld over the next 4 days.  We then picked our favorite one to visit on our final day... Unanimously everyone decided the Magic Kingdom again!

The Marketing Perspective

I love good marketing and customer experience!  So while at Disney I watched and waited looking for the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.  I interviewed the servers, workers, guests, and watched with eyes for the puppet masters hand at work. 

Absolutely incredible the level of detail and care put into every attraction, interaction and experience.  I would say that disney is 2nd to none when it comes to customer experience.  Cast members (not called employees) are loyal to the Disney "magic" and fully embrace it.  So many great details of their marketing and customer experience that I brought back to share with our team.

Marketing "Magic" at work!

My daughter was given a button to wear because it was her first time visiting the Magic Kingdom!  It was orange and simply said "1st Visit".  However, this small button was a beacon to the cast members and fellow visitors to pay special attention to her.  


On our last visit to the park there was an afternoon full production parade.  All the Disney characters came out on floats, and walked down the main street waving at the massive crowds. 

Gabriella was standing on the curb waving at the approaching entourage.  That "1st Visit" button attracted an enormous amount of attention from not only the cast but the entire parade.  The dancers would come over to her and let her participate but the climax was the moment that Mickey blew her a kiss!

okay...  Deep breathe...

Her little face lit up and her eyes grew large, "Did you see that? Mickey just blew me a kiss!"  I couldn't control it and suddenly tears filled my eyes for certainly the "magic" had hit our family with full force!  

Everyone was quick to remind me of the comment I made earlier about the crazy people in the park crying!  So, I too am one of those crazy people in the park!

Final Reflection:

Disney is truly an out of world experience... and I'm a guy who hates big crowds!


  • Jen Cooper

    I am the exact same about crowds and the “magic.” But we took our youngest this year for her 4th birthday as she has kidney disease, and I didn’t want to take a single birthday for granted. We left the older kids at home made it HER trip. She is everything girly and pink. Her dream was to see Elsa and Anna. We rushed to get to the park on the first day and had a glitch with our military tickets. After finally getting in and having lunch, we took in the parade. As soon as the characters and dancers saw her Birthday button, it was a full court press to get to her. But the moment that Anna and Elsa leaned over and yelled “Happy Birthday, Isabel.” Well, that was it. I was a goner. My husband said I better get some waterproof mascara is I planned to survive this trip. So happy to have found your store. Already planning many purchases for family members and my USMC husband. He will be over the moon.

  • Mike

    I liked you article about Disney. I’ve taken my kids and it’s always a great time. BTW, my wife went crazy over the Baseball glove wallet that I ordered for her to give me for next Christmas.
    I have supported Holtz since I heard you on Glenn Beck and I proudly buy your products and am always praying for you guys and enjoy watching your success.

  • Rick Holtz

    Hey Carmen,

    I couldn’t agree more! I truly hate crowds but it was a very enjoyable experience. I would do it again… but maybe after I save a bit of $. It is not cheap. I saw some funny shirts while walking around the park. My favorite was this guy who had an epic long beard and his shirt said "I grew this beard while waiting in the line at Splash Mountain… haha :)

  • Carmen Longoria

    Disney is absolutely magical! People say not to take little kids because they won’t remember it. I didn’t care, we took my boys at 3 years and 4 years then a second time when my next son was 2 years and now we have a fourth son we will take at 2 years. I remember it! I remember the magical feeling I had with each of them as they met Mickey for the first time or saw the castle light up or played with the storm troopers! I remember it all! And I love reminding them of that feeling when we see pictures I have scattered around the house! The three older boys can’t wait to take their baby brother! They will get to experience what I felt for them as they watch their baby brother!

  • Rick Holtz

    Hey Phil,

    Yeah I was going to look for some good books about it. I will definitely get that one!! I was truly blown away by the level of detail put into everything. We went to Seaworld and it seemed like a joke in comparison. I gleamed so many great ideas while being there. Just things that we can improve on and do better.

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