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The Custom Map Candle From Coco & Loco

New from Coco & Loco! This Custom Map Candle strikes all the right chords and hits us in the feels. Hand poured in an amber jar, the real beauty lies in your personal touch. Maybe you met your spouse at church, or your friend just bought a house, or your child just graduated college... commemorate those beautiful moments with a map and a description of your choosing. 

Scent Guide:
JUNIPER - Juniper meets a hint of crisp citrus and other fruits
HONEY - Bergamot and Tobacco help round out the sweetness 
VANILLA - Exactly as classic and delicious as it sounds!
LAVENDER - A touch of citrus, Eucalyptus and cedar help embolden the classic Lavender 
TOBACCO AND BAYLEAF - A favorite for the fellas, Tobacco and Bayleaf is our pick for "mandles" - a man candle with notes of Cedarwood, Fir, and of course Tobacco.

Candle Details:

  • 9 oz amber glass jar with lid
  • Organic coconut-soy wax blend
  • Hand-poured in our Huntsville, AL shop
  • Burn time: 35-45 hours
  • Candle jar measures: W: 2.75″ H: 3.5″