The Captain Jack Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Cribbage Game Board & Theory11 Union Playing Cards

Set includes:

  • Whiskey Barrel Game Board
  • Theory 11 Union Playing Cards - In my opinion the best cards ever made!
  • 4 pegs for board placement

If you were on a submarine during WWII you would have been playing Cribbage on the reg. You may have even been drinking some Tennessee Whiskey while playing and winning a few greenbacks too. This time honored game has been perfected! Crafted with Tennessee Whiskey Barrel & paired with a deck of Theory11 Union cards. Not only is the board unique but the deck of cards is filled with the imagery of the American Revolution & encased in a copper embossed box that feels as good as it looks. 

Fun Fact: Cribbage holds a special place among American submariners, serving as their “official” pastime. The oldest active submarine in the United States Pacific Fleet carries the personal cribbage board of World War II submarine commander and Medal of Honor recipient Rear Admiral Dick O'Kane on board, and upon the boat's decommissioning the board is transferred to the next oldest boat.


Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is different from the next.

As such, the game board you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.

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