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Honey Dill Mustard - 1.25oz Mini Jar

The perfect dip or glaze...

Honey Dill mustard is... dare we say… “dill-icious”! This mustard has a great dill, zing flavor with underlying hints of honey. Amazing as a standalone dip and a great addition to any sandwich, this will be the talk of the party or bring your lunch to a whole new level. At only 5 calories per serving it makes a perfect guilt-free addition! Because Honey Acres Honey Mustards are made with nearly 30% honey, they glaze wonderfully on meats when prepared properly, so spread some on your next ham or salmon dinner to add a great Honey Dill taste.

Honey never expires, but it's such a heavenly treat we doubt it'll stay around your house for long! At the Holtz house, it disappears rather quickly.