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12DOG LP - Day 8
Day 7
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1 smithey no. 14 dual handle skillet + whiskey barrel smoking blocks

Giveaway Includes:

1 Smithey No. 14 Dual Handle Cast Iron Skillet
1 Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Flavor Enhancers - Barrel Wood Blocks For Smoking

Smithey Skillet Info
Featuring a generously sized polished interior surface, the No. 14 is designed for a feast. From roasting multiple game birds to searing steaks on the stovetop or grilling a dinner’s worth of vegetables on a large charcoal grill, the No. 14 is the perfect tool for the chef who cooks with pride for family and friends. Use it well!

Smoking Blocks Info
Now you can combine the smooth, sultry smell of a Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel with your favorite meat on the grill! These oak wood blocks have been saturated in whiskey for about 4 years, cut into convenient 2 inch lengths, and packaged into 5 pound sacks. These flavor enhancers are ready to go straight out of the bag whether you are a seasoned grill master or a weekend warrior. Toss 2 or 3 on the coals with any meat and let the smoke work its magic.

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Amy A.

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