Charred Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Phone Case - iPhone/Galaxy Unique Wood Case

The guys at the shop have done it again! Holtz Millworks now offers wooden phone cases! Take your pick between 7 different beautiful wood choices that have been worked down to a super-thin, precisely-shaped backing for a one-of-a-kind phone case. 

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, this Charred Oak Whiskey Barrel Stave has been given a second life as a phone case!  At one point, this case was indeed a whiskey barrel! We shaved it down, lightly sanded it, and put a light varnish to seal in all of the character. Rumor has it that you can still smell a hint of whiskey if you hold it just right.

Every single case is going to be a one of a kind! Our responsibly sourced woods show an amazing grain with every pass of the blade. We ensure that your phone will fit the case and that the patterns and characteristics on your phone case are yours and yours alone! Did we mention that they are compatible with wireless chargers?!?

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