Coco & Loco Manly Healing Salve

Both rosemary and peppermint have powerful pain relief abilities. These two herbs have been used in baths, teas, and salves for years, to treat all types of pain. Some of the common uses for healing are for headaches, muscle pain, bruises, and inflammatory pain. Rosemary oil can be rubbed into the skin to aid in quickly relieving pain, and it can even stimulate blood circulation, which could help minor injuries and bruises heal faster. Peppermint is notably healthy for our skin as well. Peppermint Oil has such a high concentration of menthol, it works wonders for soothing the skin. It creates a cooling and calm effect when applied topically. This is why we created the Rosemary Mint Salve. To aid in the natural healing the right way. 4oz amber glass jar.



Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary Leaf and Oil, Peppermint Leaf and Oil, Beeswax