The Craftsman Fine Leather Apron

The craftsman's apron ties together the tradition from days gone by to the modern style of today. Modeled after the same style of a blacksmith’s apron, it is easy to picture this apron hanging on the wall of a blacksmith’s forge. Wrapped around the towering frame of a small town’s blacksmith, it guards his body as he bends over the burning furnace. He slides his dirty handkerchief into its side pocket after wiping the sweat from his brow. At the end of the day, the apron is hung up on a single nail on the wall. His eight-year-old son may run in to say hello. The little boy may reach up to pull the apron off of the nail, and so the tired blacksmith pulls the apron off the nail and drapes it over his son’s head. He ties the strings several times around his son’s waist. The little boy looks down at the oversized apron grinning from ear to ear. He knows that someday this apron will be his.

Just like products made in years gone by, our products are made to last. Our aprons are a perfect fit for the modern craftsmen of America. From the potter to gardeners, or even baristas, this apron is the perfect accessory. This apron is not just designed to inspire your creativity but the creativity of others. Buy an apron and tell your story with whatever your hand chooses to create.


Apron Sizes:
Small: Torso Circumference 34"-41"
Apron Dimensions: 29"x 24" (L x W)

Large: Torso Circumference 39" - 46"
Apron Dimensions: 32"x29.5" (L x W)