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Retail Manager


Holtz Leather has 2 retail stores in Huntsville and Madison. Both stores are growing and as a result we are growing our management team. We are actively seeking an experienced Retail Manager over each location. 


The Retail Manager’s role is to run the Holtz Leather store with excellence. Working on the shop floor, they are to be in constant contact with customers and staff. The manager is responsible for ensuring their staff give great customer service, keeping the shop clean and organized, and monitoring the financial performance of the store.

Responsible for: 

  • Training, supervising and evaluating staff 
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints
    • The customer is always the Retail Managers first priority. They should stop anything to assist a customer. They should lead by example, offering the best customer experience in every interaction. 
    • The Retail Manager is responsible for hearing customer complaints and doing everything possible to improve the customer experience. Complaints should be documented and when possible used as an example to improve future customer interactions. 
  • Maximizing sales growth 
    • While the Retail Manager is not directly evaluated on the basis of store sales, they are responsible for operating a successful store. They are to monitor Square sales reports and set goals that challenge themselves and their staff members to grow sales and build customer relationships. 
  • Cash drops
    • The Retail Manager is responsible for maintaining the register, Square catalog and regularly dropping the cash drawer to the safe. The register should not exceed $600 cash at a single time. 
  • Managing inventory 
    • The Retail Manager is responsible for forecasting stock needs and entering orders into Odoo for store stock. When possible, orders should be placed within 4 business days to receive it from production. That being said there will be times when production takes longer or when the retail store needs items sooner. Open communication should exist between the Retail Manager and production managers to accommodate each other needs whenever possible. 
    • When items are out of stock in the retail shop, retail staff should take an order in the store. It is the Retail Managers responsibility to make sure the orders are entered into Odoo or Shipstation for production. They should monitor these orders, check status, contact the customer as soon as it is ready and mark the order shipped in Ship Station when it is picked up. 
  • Planning shop events 
    • The Retail Manager works with the marketing team to coordinate all retail events including Black Friday. 
    • The Retail Manager is encouraged to present event or promotion ideas to the marketing team. The marketing team will review the ideas, set a budget and date for the event and work with the manager to prepare and advertise the event. 
  • Displays, cleaning and promotional materials 
    • The Retail Manager is responsible for keeping a clean and organized shop at all times. 
    • Trash should be taken out regularly. It should never be allowed to stack up, overflow and bags should not be left in the back of the store. 
    • The back area in the shop should stay organized and clean. Everything should have an intentional place. They should pay special attention to the customers line of sight tinto the back area, making sure that cleaning supplies, boxes and other items are not piled up. 
    • Display items should be reset after every customer leaves. Al display pieces should be presented nicely with all accessories (pencils, journals inserts, money clips, etc). 
    • The Retail Manager is allowed to move displays around based on customer flow and sales patterns. However they are not allowed to move or purchase any furnishings (counters, shelves, tables) without approval from Becka. 
    • A purchase should be submitted to Becka for approval. 
    • The Retail Manager is not allowed to create promotion materials, signs, or any kind of marketing materials. When a need arises, they are to submit requests to the marketing team so the materials are consistent with brand standards.


Available Benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid holidays after 90 days 
  • Paid vacation after 1 year 
  • Generous employee discounts
  • We do not work on Sundays and nights are very limited, only when we have special events would you be asked to work an evening. 


Pay is negotiable based on experience. Please include with your resume what your pay requirnment would be. 

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Holtz leather is

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Our team of skilled craftsmen take great pride in creating high quality, handcrafted products that will last a lifetime
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Working for Holtz - Career Page Section

You have questions? We have answers.

Where is Holtz Leather located?

We have retail locations on Meridian Street in Huntsville and Sullivan Street in Madison, while our production facility is located on Dug Hill Road in Huntsville. Depending on your position, you could be working at any of these locations.

What are the regular working hours?

Our hours vary depending on position, but typically fall between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., with 8 1/2 hour days.

What is the working atmosphere like?

While the physical atmosphere will change depending on your job location, you will always be surrounded by a close-knit team that is dedicated to your success as well as the company's.

What pay range can I expect?

Our pay starts at $15.00 per hour, with room for advancement.