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Holtz Leather Co. Huntsville AL Made in the USA

We started Holtz Leather Co. after suffering some of the lowest points in our life. In short, over the course of five years we suffered four miscarriages, lost our business, our home, and nearly became homeless. Through this time of extreme humbling God taught us that life is more than the things we acquire or the titles we have.

About Rick & Coleen: Boy Meets Girl

 Our story really does have a ‘boy meets girl’ beginning. Coleen and I met when we were kids, but since my dad was in the Marines we moved away. We returned when I was 13, and I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Our first Sunday back in Huntsville I saw the most beautiful girl walk across the front of the church. I knew in that moment she was the one I would marry.  Five short years later we were married. With $1,000 in our pocket, a borrowed car, and hearts full of dreams we began our adventure together.

Since that time we’ve added six children to our family, reached heights I never thought possible and experienced lows that left us nearly hopeless. Through it all I have seen God establish us as a family that desires more of Him and less of this world. We are a family that remains passionate about hard work, family, and the oppressed–especially children.

Restoring Family, Tradition, and Honor

Holtz Leather is more than just a brand or small business. It’s about family, hard work and the things that matter, just like the way things were done in great-granddaddy’s day. This generation taught their sons trades and that the family name meant something. They retold stories of the sweat, tears, and blood their kinfolk sacrificed to keep things going. They were never too busy to help a friend in need.

My hope is that I can start a rebirth of this old generation. I teach my young ones the importance of hard work, commitment, and the gratification that comes when you do your best.  I wish to use every moment as an opportunity to teach the lessons of life as we work side by side.  I want to teach them that life brings both good times and hard times, and how family is critical to it all.

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