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Episode 1: Adopting 5 Siblings from Costa Rica!


The Journey Begins


The week or two before we left for our Costa Rica adoption, I called Avery (our videographer at Holtz). "Hey Avery, do you happen to have your passport... and what are you doing for the next 6-8 weeks...?"And just like that, our last-minute decision to document our adoption story was moving forward. We didn't really have any plans on how we would use the content but we knew it was important.

Our heart and focus behind Holtz have always been about adoption and we have decided to pull the curtain back a little and share our hearts, emotions, struggles, and victories through the process. Not for our own glory, but to show how GOD works through broken people like us. 

So over the next 8 weeks, we will be bringing you 1 video per week. We will be highlighting our experiences, for the purpose of encouraging others to open their hearts, and homes for the great need of adoption. 

By supporting our family business you are a part of this story! So, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say, thank you!!! 


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