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Corporate Custom Logo The Front Porch Flyswatter Put Your Logo on It

While the first patent for commercial flyswatters was issued in 1900, the last 100+ years has done little to glorify the look or the design of these handy devices. With our customized, full grain leather and whiskey barrel handled fly swatter, you’ll be laying a pest to rest - in style. No front porch is complete without one!

The handle is crafted using the head of a Tennessee Whiskey Barrel right from Lynchburg, TN. In fact, on one side of the handle, you can see the charred inside of the barrel. We use our own American Tanned Leather to give the perfect finish to this beauty.  

Add your logo in the leather. Measures approx. 23" and is accented with a leather strap for hanging.  

Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is different from the next. As such, the flyswatter you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.

For orders over 10 contact

Your logo will need to be in black and white (text and images should be black and background white) pdf, jpg, or vector format.  

You can email your artwork to

Custom Logo Die Creation Fee - This is a one time fee for the creation of your custom logo die that we use to personalize your product. After you order the die one time, we keep the die on file and will reuse it for future orders at no charge. The die charge fee is waived on orders over $2000. If you would like to order a sample and then place an order totaling over $2000, we will credit the die charge back to you as a discount on your order.

Once you place your order you will be contacted by our Corporate Representative for your logo submission via email. 

What Is Holtz Leather Millworks?


Quality that Lasts a Lifetime
Full grain leather

Holtz's leather products are crafted using only the finest full grain leather available. Full grain leather will not deteriorate or break down with time, but instead product a beautiful patina that ages gracefully with you for a lifetime of quality use.

Family Owned & Operated
by the holtz family

Holtz Leather Co is completely family owned and operated. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and quality products, all while upholding the American values of hard work, integrity, and doing the right thing.

100% Made in the USA
american made quality

Our products are 100% Made In the USA, ensuring the exceptional handcrafted quality you expect from Holtz. From the design process to production and delivery, every step is carefully done with pride and dedication to provide you with the best possible product.