The Cuban Personalized Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Cigar Holder with Ashtray

“Close, but no cigar!” This phrase comes from a time when cigars were a popular carnival game prize - today they maintain their status as classy and timeless. Pair that with the time honored tradition of sweet southern whiskey barrels, and you see our inspiration. “The Cuban” takes that class and steps it up a notch with its double sided holder, and leather detail personalized just for you.

This beautiful piece is made from the stave of a Tennessee Whiskey Barrel and measures approx. 12" long by 3.5" wide.  It includes personalization up to 3 initials on a custom leather tag.  

Fun Fact: Mark Twain (for a period of time) smoked 300 cigars a month. - Did you know that cigars have as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes.  - A torcedor (highly skilled cigar roller) can produce up to 200 cigars a day

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