The King of Swing ~ Vintage Baseball Glove Money Clip

Sometimes... it's the cutting of the grass, or the right mixture of temperature and sunlight that takes me back in time. In this moment..., it's like the movie "Sandlot", I recall the long summer days hanging out with all my rag tag friends playing baseball.  Wishing against the setting sun but hoping for one more hit before the street lights called us home.  

Our Babe Ruth Collection is in honor to all these sandlot memories and stories that shaped our childhood.  May we never forget the greatest seasons of our life, the ones that have had the greatest impact on who we are!  

The King of Swing is more than just a magnetic money clip, it's a money clip that has been handcrafted with vintage American baseball gloves.  No two are the same because each has its own unique markings & story.  

This wallet is handmade right here in our Huntsville, Alabama shop with a blend ofVintage Baseball Gloves & Full Grain American Steer Hide.

Truly, One-of-A-Kind! - Let us make a wallet using YOUR glove!

If you have your own baseball glove and would like us to custom make a wallet from it please click this link.

** Baseball Leather Pockets will vary as they are truly one of a kind - each is unique

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