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Set of 4 Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Marshmallow Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

No s’more is complete without a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Don’t waste another hanger and save those small sticks for kindling. Grab a set of Tennessee whiskey barrel marshmallow roasting sticks and let the good times roll!

These handles are handmade here in our Holtz Leather woodshop, and feel just as good as they look!  They measure approximately 34" long and include a leather hanging strap.

Our natural wood pieces are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is different from the next.

As such, the hot dog roasting sticks you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.

  • Set of four marshmallow roasting sticks
  • Each comes with leather hanging strap

What Is Holtz Leather Millworks?

    Quality that Lasts a Lifetime
    Full grain leather

    Holtz's leather products are crafted using only the finest full grain leather available. Full grain leather will not deteriorate or break down with time, but instead product a beautiful patina that ages gracefully with you for a lifetime of quality use.

    Family Owned & Operated
    by the holtz family

    Holtz Leather Co is completely family owned and operated. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and quality products, all while upholding the American values of hard work, integrity, and doing the right thing.

    100% Made in the USA
    american made quality

    Our products are 100% Made In the USA, ensuring the exceptional handcrafted quality you expect from Holtz. From the design process to production and delivery, every step is carefully done with pride and dedication to provide you with the best possible product.

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    Authentic Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Heritage

    Made From Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels

    Every millworks barrel comes directly from Lynchburg, Tennessee. We only use authentic Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Staves to make our products.

    Handcrafted In-House by our Millworks Artisans

    Our team of specialized artisans pay close attention to every aspect of your order, upholding the quality standard you expect from Holtz.

    High Quality Materials will Last a Lifetime

    Every Holtz product is built to withstand the test of time. We believe in good old fashioned American Quality, and we don't compromise on that.

    Charred Whiskey Barrel Accents

    Our Millworks products still proudly feature the charred, whiskey-soaked back for that final touch of authenticity.