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The Legend ~ Personalized Fine Leather Acoustic Guitar Strap

Your guitar is more than just an instrument, it’s a “Lucille”, a “Lucy”, an “Old Lady”, or even a “Betty Jean”.  These names carry the emotions of our life and should be cherished. Put the name of your guitar or a secret message on our Personalized Fine Leather Guitar Strap.

Made for Guitars that have a name!

Have you named your guitar?  You should know that there's a right and a wrong way to do it.

A lot of folks don’t see the need to name their guitar. If you fall into that category, consider defining the relationship. It’s hard to be emotionally invested in a guitar that’s name is only the brand on the headstock. That’d be like naming your car after the manufacturer - it doesn’t count and there’s no love! Speaking of love…

The most important rule in guitar naming is to name it after a WOMAN. Naming your guitar after a dude is missing the mark - for example don’t name your guitar Mark. Not okay. Consider your first breakup for inspiration. Who cares if you were in first grade… if you still remember it all these years later, the wound runs real deep. That’s the stuff the blues are made of!

Next, you have to name your guitar something old timey. Don’t get your inspiration from celebrity baby names in 2018! Think about the lovely ladies in old western movies - the damsel in distress, or the sassy southern belle that’s ready for anything. They probably don’t have a trendy, hot new name like “Allegra” or “Rey.” Could you see your heart being broken by an allergy medication or by a fine lady like Rose? I could sing about Rose all day, and I don’t even know her.

In closing, your guitar deserves a name worth singing about.  If you named your guitar after your favorite SciFi character, you’ve made a mistake and it’s time to reconsider your choices. There’s redemption if that character has an awesome name like “Mae” or “Shotgun Annie,” but if it would fit in at a comic book convention you’ve done messed up.

Addendum: Pun names are a bad idea. Guitarnold, Guitarlene and Guitarthur aren't clever, they are non-starters.

Guitar strap dimensions:

Length: 49-60"

Width: 2.5"