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Mix your own candle!

Have you ever wanted to mix your own candle, with the most mix and matched fragrances? Well now is your chance. If you are local to the Huntsville area you can come to our retail store to mix and pour your own! If you can't travel to us, we are now offering a similar experience to you! Choose from one of our three beautiful colored diamond glass vessels.

 First you will choose your base fragrance. This will be what a majority of your candle will smell like. 

Next you will choose what we like to call your "booster". You can choose up to 3 of these.  This is the part that makes the candle unique to YOU!! The booster fragrance is subtle but ever present. **If you do choose more than our recommended amount, there is a higher chance of your candle not smelling as pleasant as it could. 

You can leave the rest up to us! We will carefully mix your candle up, then let it cure for two to three days. Before you know it, it will be on the way to your front door. A candle that is totally unique to you and what you love!


*Note* Because this is a custom candle, please allow us 5-7 business days to ship your order.


Here are some of our FAVORITE mixes!

1: (Base) Speakeasy (Boosters) First Edition and Smoking Jacket 😚🤌🏼 🍸 

2: (Base) Tobacco & Bayleaf (Booster) Whiskey 🥃 

3: (Base) Lavender (Boosters) Bergamot and Greenhouse