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The Best Valentines Gifts For Him

The BEST ~ Personalized Valentines Gifts for Him



FEB. 14th ~ Valentines Gifts for Him probably the most difficult on your shopping list this Valentines, this gift guide is for THE man (whether that's your dad, your husband, or your boyfriend) with a special place in your heart. No matter what he's into, we've got a spread that we are confident will help you pull his heart strings. 

#1 Best Christmas Gift for Men 2022 Fine Leather Secret Message Belts

#1   The LOVERS Catch-All        


Featured on the TODAY Show as one of the top gifts for Christmas! 

 This product is one of our all time favorites - like it or not, everyone needs a catch all! Get your favorite guy a gift that helps keep him organized and looking sharp. Personalize this timeless valentines gift with his initials or name.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

20 Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2022 The Vanderbilt 2.0 Leather Journal Best Gifts for Him

#2 ~ Personalized Journals & Portfolios

Personalized with name or logo ~ Fits iPad too


Journals are a classic & timeless Valentine's gift for just about any man... From the executive board room to the nightstand journal.  Record the minutes or afternoon thoughts.  

Personalize it for a special touch that will last a lifetime.  I still have my grandfather's journal and it is something I truly cherish.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Gifting Ideas for Men - The Monticello Fine Leather Desk Caddy

#3 The Corner Bookmark 

The Inkling named after J.R.R Tolkien & C.S. Lewis

“A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” J. R. R. Tolkien 

 The Inkling Corner Bookmark - Inspired by some of our family favorite authors, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. These bookmarks are handmade right here in our shop to be loved and used for a lifetime.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Gifting Ideas for Men - Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Whiskey Flight

#4 Personalized Whiskey Flight

Made of wood from a Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Barrel

For the guy who loves whiskey, we've got the perfect centerpiece. Give him a gift that's practical, personal, and still makes a statement. Personalize the whiskey flight with a name and year.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Personalized Gates Front Pocket Wallet - Cool Men Gifts

#5 Personalized Leather Wallets

Minimalist wallet for those who'd like to do more

A personalized wallet is the quintessential gift for every man in your life.  These are full grain American made wallets personalized with names, initials, or special messages.   

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Cuban Cigar Tray

#6 Whiskey Barrel Name Sign

Personalize with name, establish date, or name is Mancave

Another must have for His Mancave or just to mark his space!  Made from the white oak staves of a Jack Daniels whiskey barrel.  We can put just about anything on it.  It will be a gift he will truly love!

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts for Men - The Gentleman Rocks Glasses

#7 Leather Rocks Glasses
Set of 2 Rocks Glasses with Leather Sleeves

Nothing says "kick back - you deserve it" like the gentleman. A nod to the classy man in the back, this whiskey rocks glass comes in a set of two and can be personalized with 3 initials. This perfect gift comes in a set of two glasses with leather sleeves... perfect for that hang night with your best guy while you watch the big game.

Set of 2 - and we'll Personalize it for Him!

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Personalized Leather Messenger Bag - Unique mens gift ideas

#8 Golf Score Card Holder

Full grain, ruggedly durable, shockingly beautiful 


FORE! Hit the green with our fine leather Golf Score Card Holder to keep track of all your birdies and bogies. Made of fine full grain American leather, this score card holder will fit perfectly in your golf bag or back pocket!

Personalize it with his name or initials

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Cooter Brown Whiskey Barrel Bottle Opener with Personalized Leather Cap Catch - Gifting Ideas for Men

#9 Bottle Opener & Cap Catch

Best Bottle Opener Around


Made from a Tennessee Whiskey Barrel stave, this unique bottle opener features a detachable leather cap catch. Whether he's got an epic man cave or you're working on the finishing touches for the patio, this bottle opener is the right mix of utility and epic. Give your guy a gift that supports both. Personalize the fine leather cap catch with a single initial.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Behemoth of Bust baseball glove leather wallet - Cool Men Gifts

#10 The Secret Message Belt

Tuck a message just inside his belt that only he will see! 

Place just about any message on the inside of his belt.  Our Men's Casual Belts can be personalized with initials on the belt holder as well as a secret message on the inside (for a personal touch!). These strong, durable belts are made from Full Grain American Steerhides and finished off with an edge coat and square nickel or brass hardware. 

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Front Porch Fly Swatter - Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

#11 The Leather Fly Swatter

Personalized Whiskey Barrel Handle Leather Fly Swatter


Personalize with name or initials.  The Front Porch Fly Swatter is the perfect mix of form and function - everyoneneeds a flyswatter! The handle is crafted from Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Heads, and the head is made from full grain American Cow Hide. 

Perfect for swatting a number of things..., this gift is a perfect finishing touch for his patio or man cave. Personalize it with a single initial!

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Rosewood Comfort Grip Pen Best Christmas - Gifting Ideas for Men

#12 Custom Leather Patch Hat

Put your own design, logo, or info on a custom leather patch hat 

Your man will SWOON with his own custom leather patch hat.  Send in a logo or design and we will put it on just 1 hat or 100.  

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Guitar Holder

#13 Nashville Guitar Holder

For the Guitar Playing Man in your life!  

Crafted from the finest Whiskey Barrel staves from Lynchburg Tennessee (Jack Daniel's).  This guitar holder is truly one of a kind.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts for Men - Leather The Executive Desk Mat

#14 Leather Desk Mat

Personalized Fine Leather Desk Mat


The Executive Desk Mat is a clear favorite to keep that desk looking sharp while keeping things functional and tidy. Help inspire your guy to greatness with this fine leather, personalized gift - one of the best for 2022. Personalize this Valentine's gift with initials.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Butler Whiskey Barrel Serving Tray - Cool Men Gifts

#15 The Charcuterie Tray - The Butler

Whiskey Barrel Base, Fine Leather Personalized Handles


Make it a special night with wine and charcuterie.  Place your name and establish date on the handles.

Whether you need a setup for charcuterie and a movie, or you're guy is all about the serving trays... The Butler makes a great gift. This serving tray has been crafted in our Holtz Leather wood shop with whiskey barrel heads from Lynchburg, Tennessee. The handles are made from American Bridle Leather. Personalize it with a last name and a year.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - The Whiskey Barrel Handle Mug

#16 Custom Map ~ LOVE CANDLE
Personalize the map, and add your Special Text 


The Perfect VALENTINES GIFT FOR HIM!  You can personalize this candle with any special place like where you met, went to college, had your first date, or even your hometown! 

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Whiskey Barrel Smoking Blocks - Unique Mens Gift Ideas

#17 Whiskey Knife Block

Made from Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Staves


Chop, chop, chop... probably one of the coolest things we make from our treasured Tennessee whiskey barrels is our magnetic knife holder. They baffle the imagination as friends and family try to figure out how this SOLID piece of wood has the ability to hold metal objects.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Theory 11 Star Wars Playing cards with leather card sleeve Christmas - Gifting Ideas for Men

#18 Theory 11 Star Wars Cards with Fine Leather Sleeves

Lucky for you, you don't have to pick a side! This awesome set comes with both the Dark Side and the Light Side - wrapped in some of our beautiful fine leather card sleeves. Trust us when we say your man will be one with The Force this gift - and youcan be the one who brought the balance. If you know, you know.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

The Tin Can Personalized Leather Can Wrap Christmas Gifts for Men

#19 The Tin Can Wrap

Personalized Leather wrap for canned beverages


Perfect for the guy who's the life of the party... this Christmas gift for men is sure the keep the party rolling! Personalize The Tin Can with his initials!

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Valentines Towel Hangers

#20 Get Naked - Towel Hangers


Personalized Towel Hangers made from Whiskey Barrels and Iron Train Spike.  A gift he will truly love!

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

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