Debossed Hat LP

Debossed Custom Hat Patches

Why choose us?

Where other companies take shortcuts and turn to mass producing hats to save a few pennies, we still do things the right way. Our handcrafted hats are guaranteed to be the best quality leather patch hat - anywhere.
6 Week Turnaround
24 Hour Proof Turnaround
Highest Quality Full-Grain American Leather
Free Proof & Free Quote
Other Companies
8-10 Week Turnaround Time
3-5 Business Day Proof Turnaround
Cheap, mass produced "leather"
Proofing Fee & Quote Fee

Debossing vs. Laser Engraving


Debossing leaves a textured indent in the leather with a dark finish inside the design

A metal die is stamped onto the front of the full grain leather, leaving depressions that leave an (Debossed) imprint of your logo

laser engraving

Laser Engraving burns the surface of the leather to leave a dark, uniform engraving

Our laser engraving machine focuses a powerful beam of light to burn your logo permanently on the leather with a high level of precision

Our Debossed Hats