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If you decided to take the leap and start a family business, now’s the time to consider your logo! If not, go back and listen to our previous podcast HERE .

Your logo is an extension of who you are as an individual, business, family, etc.. This truly hits home when I think about our logo as a family business. We included elements that tell of a story, a dream, and a legacy. (We don’t share the story often, but love to when we have the chance). 

There's a line of Hebrew if you look closely in the castle. Can you guess what it means? Well, for those of you that don't know, it says "The Lord's Vineyard." We believe that everything we have is not because of what we did but because He put it there. This is the heartbeat behind why our business began.

So you might be thinking, how do I tell my story? Designing a logo isn't easy for everyone... Which is why I invited Maria on to this episode (an expert in making logos) to share some of her tips in designing. 

Good Logo Design Includes:

1. Legibility - Is your logo readable? Can people clearly recognize what you're selling, marketing, etc.? Make sure if any text is used, it is clear for the audience to understand a message online or offline
2. Originality - Don't just use any font or icon that has been used a bazillion times... Try to stand out and incorporate something unique to you as a person, business, family, etc. 
3. Scalability - It’s important to consider the type of file your logo is in. For example, you need to make sure your logo is in vector format (a formula which is made up of lines, points, & shapes); this allows your design to be scalable & editable as far as colors and such (JPG, PNG, etc. can come later)
4. Variation - At some point, your logo is going to be seen in black and white, so keep that in mind in the process of logo creation


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