The Great Bambino ~ Vintage BASEBALL GLOVE Front Pocket Wallet

The Great Bambino Wallet features:

  • Interior Money Clip - Fits money folded in half or quartered
  • 4 card pockets (2 inside & 2 outside) which allow you to carry 16+ cards (the full grain leather will stretch with use) 
  • The two outside pockets are made from vintage baseball gloves!

Because each glove is a little different, your wallet will not look like any other. That means it may vary from our photos. 

in tribute to all Sandlots & Backyard Games

Made From Vintage Baseball Gloves

Crafted from VINTAGE BASEBALL GLOVE LEATHER - the Great Bambino Wallet is designed to "do more" than a typical front pocket wallet!  Designed from our Doolittle framework it is often referred to as the "Do More Wallet".  It can carry as many cards as a traditional bifold and retains cash with a stainless steel money clip.  

The inside of the wallet has 2 interior card pockets with a stainless steel money clip.  The outside of the wallet also has 2 card pockets made from vintage baseball glove leathers.