We Are Traveling!!!!

We Are Traveling!!!!  

For those of you who are new to Holtz, we better bring you up to speed. We are currently in the process of adding 5 new Holtz children to our family (from Costa Rica). Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy... We'll have 11 children...(6+5 =11 have to double check my math sometimes)!

The Quick Update:

After 2.5 years of pursuing adoption, we received our call that it is finally time to go and pick up our children!! Excitement has been high around here as we prepare our entire family to travel to Costa Rica…

Airline tickets for 13 people, hotel or Airbnb… How many rooms? How are we going to get around… Uber?... Oh, and we just found out that Costa Rican law requires all children under age 12 to be in a car seat. For our crew, that means 7 car seats. Where are we going to put those on the plane!? And how can we lug them around?

Just Yesterday…

Please pray with us as we just received a call that one of the thousands of legal documents had a misspelled name which may delay our travel dates. We are ready to bring the new Holtz children home!


  • Amy Sager

    Y’all are amazing to show such love! Pura Vida to your beautiful family of 11 children! I’m the 5th of 11 children in my family, my mom is a saint, and it’s so much fun and craziness…10 best friends for life! Love your website products! Blessings to your family! Amy

  • Leslie McGuinn

    As I was searching leather goods,Holts Leather Company pops up and I proceed to read your amazing stories. What a great family to adopt 5 children from Costa Rica. So wonderful, and I wish you all the luck on your travels, and I hope that all the paper work comes back and your able to go soon.

  • Brenda G. Hill

    Oh my what an amazing story. I look forward to many more updates. God has blessed your family beyond measured.

  • Melinda watson

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing … I am also a Adoptive parent of a Boy & Girl which is a Brother & Sister 12 and 13…. Beautiful story & Beautiful Family….

  • Lauren Theriot

    Y’all are such an amazing family goodluck to y’all and and beautiful journey that’s awesome ❤️

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