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Dude Awful!

Listen, don’t be intimidated. Not everyone can be blessed with this level of precision and talent. These Holtz boys sure know how to put on a show - and that got me thinking. How do we best encourage creativity in our children? In our line of work we are always (and I meanalways) thinking about new products, processes, businesses and the like. But how do we translate that for our children, both for their current development and also for their future? 

I think for us, having the farm allows for plenty of creativity in everyday problem solving… like how do you take a cow to the vet when they won’t stand up and the entire mountain is muddy? Yes, that’s real life. That level of practicality is immeasurably valuable to us, and you learn that best bydoing. 

But as you see in this epic video, sometimes you shine by inspiration you gleaned from others; learning by example. I’m sure you’ve seen videos like this online - they are truly mind boggling! That inspired our boys to put their own spin on it, and before long they went ahead and produced this gem. 

So we’re going to be enjoying this little series called “Dude Awful;” showcasing the immense talent it takes to miss shots with such consistency! We’ll talk about how we try to nurture this spirit of creativity all along the way. 

I’m sure there are no shortage of opinions on this. In fact I’d be interested to hear from some of you! Feel free to reach out to us with some of your thoughts. Who knows, you just may win a little something to help you out - creatively of course. :) 

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