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Now Open ~ Rick’s Garage!

It’s a 1997 GMC 1500 Z71 this was my dream truck back when I was graduating high school in the summer of ‘97.  Unfortunately, my income did not afford me the ability to purchase such a nice truck back then.  


23 years later I got my opportunity… for $5000 I purchased my old dream truck from a friend.  Just curious, does your family name their vehicles?  All our vehicles have names and this truck is called “The Major” because the friend who sold it to us was a Major in the Army.

The Major served me faithfully until I forgot to add water into its leaky radiator and just like that my dream truck was retired…  and there it has sat for the last couple of years. 


I’m in no way a mechanically gifted person… I can strip a bolt by just looking at it.  I’ve been fortunate that I’ve always known people who can fix anything and I rely heavily upon them!  Thank you Richard & Darrell I’m getting y’all a free hat… cause I'm going to need your help!

Levi, my 2nd oldest son, just turned 15 and for his birthday he asked for something I wasn’t prepared for.  He said, “Father” which I knew instantly he wanted something big, “…for my birthday this year I want to spend quality time with you and rebuild “The Major”. 


I’m willing to do or learn anything when it comes to working together with my family.  So for Levi’s 15th birthday he got a rebuilt engine… that I don’t have a clue how to install.



In tribute to all you amazing backyard mechanics ~ I thought it would be fun to create a custom hat just for y’all.  Or a great gift for all those truly talented dads, grandfathers, uncles or friends who are great at everything!  

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