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Can you pick your grandparent Name?

This little cubby bear found me working on ads this morning…

I’m a new Grandpa AKA BEAR (my grandpa name): When Coleen and I found out we were going to be grandparents, there were hard decisions that had to be made… What were we going to be called???

As we began announcing our excitement to family, friends and… well complete strangers 😂 we found that there were basically two ways a grandparent receives their “grandparent” name.  The first, which I think is the higher road, the grandparent selects their own name.  The second way, is more of a crap shoot… Basically, you wait in perpetual anticipation for the moment that your little one is able to combine syllables and utter something that sounds intelligible… Then you are forever called geemaa… 

Interesting to me are the strong opinions on this topic.  There were several grandparents that we spoke with that were emotionally wounded, that we would somehow think we could pick our own grandparent name, and others that laughed and said, “you won’t get a choice…”

Coleen and I have decided to take the “high road” on this one and select our own grandparent names.  I don’t notice it as much with the current generation but when I was a kid it was pretty common to be given nicknames by your teachers, friends, or coaches.  Coleen as a kid was always called “Coco”... I had nicknames too but we won’t disclose those here.  Coleen has forever loved being a mama and it just seemed to naturally evolve that she wanted to be called “Mama Coco”.  I was pushing for HOT COCO… because she’s my smoking hot beautiful wife but I lost that one.

Ok… Bear?  No, it’s not after “Bear” Bryant because we live in Alabama, even though he’s a legend.  I didn’t fully get to choose my grandfather name… the family choose it for me and I think they based it heavily on my personality of extremes.  I was once told by a friend of ours that I’m not passive aggressive but rather aggressive aggressive… I was like heck yeah!

I’m a fighter, I take every challenge head on, I remain poised under pressure, I’m commanding, persuasive, steadfast, extremely loyal, and LOVE BIG…did I mention I’m very humble…haha.  I can be the grizzly bear when I need to fight for justice or a loving teddy bear.  Of course there’s been some other bear references mentioned in whispers… like Care Bear and Pooh Bear.  I love the name BEAR and I hope it sticks… time will tell if you can truly pick your own name.  

Has anyone successfully picked their own grandparent name?

In the end it doesn’t really matter how our grandparent names come about but that we give love and are loved by these dear little ones.  

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