When your boat doesn't have a bathroom!

I could see it all over his face, we had been on the boat (with no bathroom) for too long and I knew he had to go…  I thought to myself I would demonstrate the process.  It was my first deep sea fishing tour too and I had to go just as badly.  

I asked the captain if the process was to just to pee off the back of his boat and he said yes (wasn’t sure how he’d feel about me peeing on his boat).  

 You might be thinking why would you pee on his boat...  well there were plenty of sharks all around and there was no way I was getting in the water or too close to the edge of his boat.  (picture below was the result of a very large bull shark just as we were pulling it into the boat).

The captain stopped the boat and waited… have you ever had someone stop something to wait on you?  It creates a bit of pressure.  Pressure, circling sharks, the motion of the boat which not only created an act of balance but also caused a lead weight from a nearby pole to hit me in the head over and over, coupled with a guy baiting our fishing lines in direct sight of me doing my business created a bit of a pee fright moment.

It was the worst pee experience ever, I had to go so badly but only a trickle.  It not only felt like an eternity but it took me far too long to go, which created even more stress.  I had to apologize to the captain for my pee fright (yeah, better to own it)… in which his reply was firing up the boat to full throttle.

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