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How to Achieve Patina for your Leather Product

What is Patina?

Natural leather ages in a unique way by developing a ‘patina’. This patina is a highly sought after feature of natural leathers. It occurs by absorbing the oils from your skin and other elements. Starting with a beautiful pale tan shade, it eventually develops into any range of browns through wear and use.

Why we love Patina?

Patina adds character and personality to a leather product. It tells the story of where it's been and how it's been used. Full grain leather becomes more beautiful as it ages.
No two leather goods will patina in the exact same way, making yours uniquely your own. The oils from your skin, splashes of water and exposure to the sun leave their mark on your leather product and tell your unique story.

How to Achieve Patina?

The process for achieving patina is a pretty simple one - just use it!

Jonah’s Big Dixie Wallet 

Oh the stories this wallet carries. For over 3 years this wallet has been the travel companion of our Photographer Jonah. The beautiful patina that has developed is a testament to his many adventures.
You can still see the scuff marks from riding bareback on wild horses. The way it’s thinned out is in no small part to tossing and turning throughout the night while trying to sleep on the hard-packed floor of a teepee. That is definitely up there on most memorable ways to patina your leather wallet.

The wear and tear of hiking to the top of Mt. Rainer strengthened Jonah's wallet with history and rich memories. We won't get into the details about the bobcat incident, but all you need to know is this wallet is still going strong.

There's no telling what the patina will look like in years to come. Jonah will keep adding history to his Holtz Leather wallet with every new adventure. What stories does your wallet tell?


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