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Happy New Year!

Picture from Indian Pass, Fl 2022 - She (the love of my life) is sooo BEAUTIFUL! 🤩 😍


Stop… What did you do 1 week ago today… Heck, what’d you do two days ago?  Maybe your suffering from the same thing Coleen and I are.  We’ve been talking about how much we are forgetting or just not remembering what we’ve done recently.  If you were to ask me what I did last Monday… You’d get a really blank stare!  I’m hoping I’m not the only one suffering from this and your not remarking under your breathe right now about my age…

Because, if you were to ask me what I’m doing tomorrow, next week, or even next quarter I could write you an entire book… What am I doing wrong that I can tell you everything about my future and nothing about what I’ve recently done?

I’m typically a fairly analytical/logical person. I like to identify problems and then make a hypothesis on what I think the problem could be… So, here I go!



The Hypothesis:

I’m not living in the moment I’m in!  I’m too hurried and busy to stop and listen.



I was in a marketing meeting last week with our CEO.  She was talking to me about their Christmas & what their kids got, and as she was talking my mind began to take a road trip… soon my mind was thinking on what needed to be done for our new lumber store and how my feet feel squished in these new boots (sometimes I have really random thoughts).  


On the same day… I walked into what is going to be our new lumber store and water was everywhere  [UGH, I got to join the frozen pipe club]. I immediately called Aaron at our production facility and asked if he could bring some squeegees over.  He anticipated my needs and brought over a wet/dry vac.  When he drove it over I barely said two words to him because I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts and problems.  (Aaron, Thank you!)


That night I was lying in bed and Coleen asked, “What is today’s date?” neither of us knew…  In that moment I immediately picked up my journal, found what day it was and labeled the top of my Journal 12/27/22… oops, nope its 12/28/22… ha!


I proceeded to write everything down I could remember that happened in that day.  Here is a recap of some of my journal entry…



“...Gabriella says she drove the boat and she didn’t realize how fun it was.  Judah gave her a tackle box (her first) and he filled it with some his tack.  Very thoughtful of Judah…


I told Levi I was sorry this morning for my bad attitude over our chess game.  I took my hand off a move until I noticed it was a bad move and then tried to back track, which he wouldn’t allow.  I got upset and quit the game by shaking his hand and walking away.  I was a bad loser!...


We cut some beautiful poplar logs today.  About 1200 bdft.  I truly love the process of turning logs into lumber!...


LORD, I need your mercy and help.  Help me to live in the moment!”  There was some other stuff but it’s private :)


The Challenge:  To Change!


I’m reminded this time of year of Scrooge and his need…  He was in great need to change his very character.  He had to experience his life in the past, present and future… We can not live in just one realm (for me it’s always the future).  We must live in the past, the present, and the future!


I really believe that journaling is the key that unlocks the door to them all.  Get it down on paper… what happened in your day today, then reflect back over what you wrote, and lastly plan for the future.


My journaling is going to change from future driven to more of the present and past.  


Shameless Plug!


Okay, you know I have to do this… For goodness sake I own a leather company!  We make some incredible journals that will last you a lifetime.  I’m tactile guy, I love the feel of a real leather in my hand as I write.  My writing instrument has to have good weight and smooth application of ink.  


This year make journaling a part of your everyday!  I truly believe that it can change your life!  


Happy New Year & as we look forward to 2023 remember to look back and treasure what you have near!  MAY GOD BLESS YOU!




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