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It’s Coming… BIG NEWS!

The Crazy Holtz Family
Before we get into what’s coming I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Holtz over the years.  You’ve made it possible to grow not only our business but more importantly our family and other families through the process of adoption.  
I often jokingly thank people after buying one of our products in our retail store about helping to feed all 11 of our kids… but if you’ve recently looked at grocery prices… that’s no joking matter :)  
Okay so theBIG NEWS
Vintage Lumber Mill Image used for inspiration of our branding
It’s been 3 years in the making… Holtz is finally opening our very own lumber mill and hardwood store right here in Huntsville, Alabama!  We will be selling hardwood lumber, slabs, cookies, mantels, beams, and specialty woods.  Our tentative open date is May 1st 2023 - it will be located off of Hwy 72e.
You Might Be Asking, Why A Lumber Mill?  I’ll Give You 5…
  • They’re just cool… so I have an affinity with making things and more so with taking logs and turning them into boards.  There is something very primitive, yet intriguing about taking these beautiful logs and turning them into a useful material.
  • Lumber (or wood) is kind of in our name, and our heritage.  The image above is of our great great granddaddy.  Holtz literally means “WOOD” in german.  So why not… right? 


(Yep… That’s my Great Great Grandpa)
  • Lowers our cost of goods… We currently buy gobs of lumber and wood from a variety of suppliers and this allows us to lower our cost and keep complete control over the quality.  Inflation is currently a real thing!
  • Environmentally responsible… I HATE waste and I hate clear cutting beautiful trees and stripping land bare of its natural beauty.  We are sourcing our logs from commercial developments, tree services (we just got a 64” red oak that fell on a house… don’t worry no one was hurt)  It is stunning 
(monster log 64” diameter ~ about 250 years old)
  • New product development - Oh Yes, “The Wood Shop ~ A Board and Log Company” (that’s our lumber mill name) will provide lots of new products for Holtz Leather too!  Be on the lookout for new products (COMING SOON)... 
What’s Next? Be Sure To Follow Along - Follow us on social as we finish the development of:
Some of what we are working on:

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Jerrod Bouchard

Jerrod Bouchard

January 26, 2023

As a long time woodworker and big fan of your work and brand I am super excited. I have started to venture into leather work myself due in large part to your amazing work. Keep it up. I can’t wait!

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