Grillin' Holtz Edition

Coleen and I became boyfriend and girlfriend at a very young age (13 to be exact)... We got married at 16. That's legal in Alabama… (just kidding we waited a couple more years).  I remember early on in our dating going over to Coleen’s house for supper.  The Weber grill would be smoking and this cute short brunette in her cut off shorts would be smoking chicken.  Still one of my favorite things to watch!

There are so many things about Coleen that I LOVE.  But one thing that has made her different is her intense passion for SERVING others. It comes out in many ways, most of which are never seen or noticed.  One of the most noticeable and often unappreciated ways she serves is by fixing food… and she is amazing at it. 

If the mood in our house is heavy, stressed, happy, or joyful you will find Coleen making something to celebrate, lighten the mood, or just draw us closer together.  For our family, watching our beautiful short brunette (still in her cutoff jeans) behind the grill or kitchen island is like witnessing a magical dance.

Thanks my love, for letting me sit, sip, or just smack you with the fly swatter while you grill!

ps.  By the way, the flies are so bad right now!  So I’m going to do something I never do and that is sell our Tennessee Whiskey Fly Swatter for $19… trust me it is an essential right now and worth its weight in gold!~

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