Holtz {Lemonade} Stand for Orphans

We’ve talked a lot about our family; where we’ve come from, what we’ve been through, what the Lord has done in our lives… if you’ve followed us for any time at all you’ve probably heard it all before! It bears repeating that we are passionate about adoption (to learn more about our adoption journey click here!). So when Lifeline Children’s Services launched Lemonade Stand For Orphans Event this summer, it was a no brainer - we had to participate!

The boys working hard to get the cars to turn in. Some worked harder than others. Ha!

July 31st we brought the whole family together, plus a handful of our awesome team members (thank you!!) and offered lemonade and popcorn to raise money for Lifeline Children’s Services. It was hot… but we had such a good turn out!

We have enough people around that there is always something ironic or funny happening… sometimes it’s more like a frustrating “oops” moment that turns out funny only AFTER you’ve fought back from the angst - remember when I blew all the $2 bills out of the back of my truck?

Evelyn has a beautiful smile! 

Judah showed support with a kids temporary tattoo. 

So, I did a thing. I was really excited to push people to our selection of “top it yourself” condiments - which was really just a butter and cheese shaker. Let me tell you - I promoted that cheese HARD! Imagine my surprise when we discovered that cheese (that patrons had been applying LIBERALLY on my account…) was actually nothing more than salt!

So if you were one of the lucky folks to have an exceptionally flavorful experience, thank you for your donations AND for your grace! We are so grateful for all of the folks who came by to donate (some without even taking any lemonade!), we thank you so much for sharing in our drive to support Lifeline Children’s Services and their adoption support efforts! Between all the individuals and the support of our neighbors Preservation Company and L’Etoile Patisserie, we were able to raise around $2,600 in donations for Lifeline!

We are so grateful for our friends and family, and for the heart of our community to give to such a worthy cause! We were so blessed by interacting with all these caring people - some of whom came early to our shop just to donate, and had family who had adopted through Lifeline!  

We look forward to future endeavors, and continuing to support adoption efforts around the world!

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