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Mama Loves Dirty Kids but Hates Dirty Laundry... 

Mama Loves Dirty Kids but Hates Dirty Laundry... 

After 10 days away celebrating our 25 year wedding anniversary, we were ready to be home... As we pulled into the driveway, the kids were completely covered in mud... I mean I could only see the whites of their eyes...

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However, Coleen has a saying that our boys often remind her of... "Mama, you said that you love dirty boys" as they try to hug her...  While she loves the kids being outside getting dirty and having fun... her limit comes when they clean up and she finds their towels on the ground after their showers. When you do the laundry for 11 people... something happens when you see a clean towel on the floor... and it AIN'T GOOD! 

A couple years ago I designed our whiskey barrel towel hanger to solve one of these frustrations of towels being thrown on the ground. With 5 boys in 1 bathroom and only 1 towel holder it was a mess. So I designed a compact towel hanger that I could easily identify who wasn't hanging their towels (that's where the personalization comes in). If I can see your name without a towel, it means you didn't hang your towel!

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