Our Trip to Southern Makers 2016, in Montgomery, AL

The Holtz family as well as a few members of the Holtz Leather™ Co. creative team, attended Southern Makers 2016 in Montgomery, AL, on April 30th and May 1st. This was the first trade show Holtz Leather™ Co. has exhibited at, and we could not have been more pleased with the response from the show.

We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who worked tirelessly to put on this event, to the other makers who welcomed us like we were family, and to everyone who attended the show and visited our booth. Meeting all of you was by far the highlight of the show.

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Our adventure started Friday morning at 6:00 AM. We loaded everyone in 3 cars, kids still sleeping, and hit the road to Montgomery. When we arrived at Union Station, everyone helped to unload the trailer and set up the booth.

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It was show time and we were extremely excited to show off our booth design, which we spent months preparing, as well as our fine leather goods.  We were of course not the only ones excited to be there. As soon as you walked up to the huge wooden archway, built at the show entrance, you felt the welcoming, family atmosphere. All the other makers booths were incredible, exhibiting everything from sweet tea and coffee, to art and pottery.  Day 1 had a great turn out and we enjoyed meeting everyone.

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We arrived on day 2, a little tired, but no less excited than on day 1. All the Holtz kids came to help this day. Judah and Levi were the cutest sales people there. No one walking by could resist their smile, when they were handing out our giveaway bags. Turn out was a little slower than on Saturday, but it was great to meet everyone who did come. Both days, the highlight was hearing from customers. We came home with a lot of great new product ideas that are already in the works here. Stay tuned for more about that. 🙂

We are very excited to announce that Holtz Leather™ Co. will be exhibiting in many more trade shows to come, including future Southern Makers shows. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for show updates and more pictures!

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