Small Business America, Get the Swag You Need

Small Business America, Get the Swag You Need

We know you by name, shake your hand when you meet us, or greet you at your table with a smile and a pastry.  You get a level of service and care you don’t get from big box outfits.  We are energized individuals, and hard working families… we are small business America!

If you ever arrive in Huntsville, Alabama, small business is alive and thriving all over our city.  In our corner of the city we have Fusion BBQ, Preservation Co., L’Etoile Patisserie, and of course our store Holtz Leather Co.

Each of these stores offer a truly ONE-OF-A-KIND exper-ience with some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  We are all truly grateful when someone walks in our place of business.

Get the Swag for Your Brand! Give customers the opportunity to support your store all over town.  I absolutely love buying shirts and hats from small businesses, it's a way of showing support all over your community.


Trucker Hats, $30+

Flatbill Hats, $30+


Unstructured Hats, $26+

Visit other businesses

We'd love it if you supported the other businesses mentioned in this blog post!

L'Etoile Patisserie

1214 Meridian St N 

Huntsville, AL 35801

P: (256) 460-6309

Preservation Co.

1214 Meridian St N A

Huntsville, AL 35801

P: (256) 539-4885

Fusion BBQ

1300 Meridian St N D-104

Huntsville, AL 35801

P: (256) 518-6647

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