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The Story Behind the Logo...

More Than a Logo - A Reminder of all that Changed

For those of you who don't know our story we went through an extreme time of financial humbling that left us nearly homeless.  This time of difficulty tested us for 5 years....  about 2 years into it I had a dream...

DISCLAIMER:  Let me make this clear, I'm NOT one of those types of people who have weird prophetic dreams and love to talk about them!  I've never had a dream like this before or since... Also, this is the first time I’ve mentioned it publicly.

The Dream

I woke up at 4 a.m. and began writing every detail of the dream down on a scrap piece of paper.  Immediately after that, I woke Coleen and told her everything.

The dream was centered around a large castle owned by a man whom had no heir.  Upon his death all his wealth would be given away. It was in the hearts of all men to be given this castle (mine included).  I was standing outside the castle noticing storm clouds gathering above it. The wind was strong and began snapping the oversized trees that surrounded the castle.  I heard a voice from heaven telling me to enter the castle. As I began to enter the castle I noticed one of the spires was collapsing into the castle. The storm was beginning to destroy it!

The next thing, I was crawling out from a depression in the ground that was covered by a large tree.  My life had been spared... As I looked around every single stone of the castle was gone... There was nothing... I had no business or transactions…  Yet, there was a sense of newness. The sky was crisp and clean the sun was shining and I had become a new person. Although I had nothing, I was at peace.

As I stood there the ground began to shake... and suddenly out of the ground burst forth a large transaction... Larger than anything I had ever seen.  It grew tall out of the ground and didn’t stop. I heard the voice of the LORD again and this time it said "Use it all for adoption".


I immediately felt like in my heart that our present struggle was over and GOD was going to restore all we had lost up to that point.  I felt like the dream was about restoration. However, Coleen began to cry and told me she felt like the struggles were just beginning... and she was right, the worst of it was still to come!  

However, no matter how difficult things got we clung to that dream in belief that one day the LORD would restore us.

3 Extremely difficult years later and 2 weeks from living in our car the LORD began restoring (that’s another cool story) ... Much like the dream we found ourselves changed and our desires were not for the things of this world...  There truly was a newness

The Logo Developed

No one should ever forget when something meaningful changes their lives.  We wanted to remember all our struggles and our restoration. So, as the new business grew rapidly (only the LORD), we knew we wanted the logo to incorporate the castle from the dream.

**Notice the Hebrew**

Inside the logo is a small inscription in Hebrew that makes a very simple statement that is at the heart of what we believe.  It states, “THE VINEYARD OF THE LORD”. Everything belongs to HIM, the one who gives and takes away.

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December 02, 2022

My search for the meaning of the 3 towers and inscription ended with the blessing of the story behind them. God bless you and prosper your beautiful family and business.



April 15, 2022

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