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We Got A Cease And Desist

Remember that 

One time...

When we were first starting out as a business, we created this beautiful piece of art you’ll see above - The Babe Ruth wallet; one of our very FIRST wallets.

And when I say starting out, I mean we were still learning and tinkering with leather crafting in our basement. We were proud of this thing - and it did not disappoint! It became an immediate internet sensation.

When your sales blow up, folks online take notes. That includes knock-offs (we saw plenty of those), competition in the marketplace (saw that too), and sometimes it even includes cease and desist letters. Got your attention? Well it sure got ours!!! 

As we started producing these and really getting known, establishing our online presence, the Babe Ruth Family caught wind of the name of our product “The Babe Ruth Wallet” - not that we were trying to hide it, we just hadn’t fully understood the implications of trademark and copyright law. So, we got a contact from the Babe Ruth Family. We were immediately thinking - this is not good.

I wrote a letter back to the attorney representing the Babe Ruth Family, and I was very apologetic - just trying to appeal to the human nature side of the attorney… if that is even possible. KIDDING! (right?)  

 Anyways, the attorney actually wrote back and was very kind. He said the Babe Ruth Family had actually been on our website, read our story and the story of our family business, and they wanted to align with our brand. They offered a partnership deal - a phenomenal deal - and for them to actually want to partner with us was such an encouragement at that early stage. Here we are still working, & still developing. This is one of our favorite stories, and I’m so glad it’s married to one of our favorite products. Now, what started small has expanded wide into a full Babe Ruth Collection!  

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