6 NEW ways to look fresh and plant some love

1. Bring green into the room to lift your mood and improve your energy. Show off your lovely plants in our NEW hand-crafted hanging pottery planters!

2. Did you know? Studies show that plants clean the air around them! Freshen up your space by hanging a unique planter in the corners of your room or above your work area. 

3. Expect to fall in love with our NEW handcrafted pottery planters. Our artisans take pride in shaping these pieces with fondness and care knowing that they will soon have a place in your home.

4. Do you struggle to find the right gift idea? Here's a perfect solution for you! A unique pottery planter is always an appreciated gift. Add a "birthday month" flower for an extra thoughtful touch.

5. Holtz Leather's NEW planters have a timeless design so versatile that it will fit with any decor. Hang it in your creative corner, on your patio, or set it on your table to create a sophisticated air to your room.

6. Looking to update your decor to something more modern, but still keep a classic feel? Try simple geometric shapes with neutral coloring. A touch of green always keeps things fresh!

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