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Core Values at Holtz Leather

Family is what Holtz Leather Company is all about. Like many of you, we have been through storms in our journey that shook us to our core. By God’s grace, faith and family brought us through the darkest nights. From the heartbreak of losing everything Holtz Leather was born.

We knew when we started this journey that we wanted to do things differently; we wanted the driving force of the company to have a purpose bigger than just profit. Through much deliberation and prayer, we established four core values to be the guiding principles of this company.  

We are a family of families!  Family is at the heart of who we are; our desire is to develop our families both within our business and our individual homes. We are passionate about adoption, and have been blessed to adopt 5 amazing children from Costa Rica. Read more about that here

Always thinking about those who come after us and building the next generation. We view both our product and our work ethic as a joint venture in heritage. We’re leaving something behind, and we want to make sure that it's something we would be proud of, and that our kids can carry on after we’re gone.

In everything we do, we want to treat others with respect, and to hold up our end of the bargain; doing everything with integrity while giving honor, dignity, and respect to all people.

In a culture of immediate satisfaction, we value hard work refined by an unwavering commitment to quality. We’re not satisfied with yesterday’s best, and hard work is the catalyst that leads to growth.

We hope these values resonate with you - and we hope you know how integral you are to this story! We've received so much positive feedback through the years, and we honestly believe those values are what keep us moving and maintaining the experience you've come to expect.

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