We Bartered for a Caboose! - Learning through Challenges

How it started. . .

We didn't even know we wanted a caboose! I was approached by a good friend of mine and asked if I knew anyone interested in an old caboose. . . Coleen immediately answers, YES!!! This is usually the way adventures begin in our home. . . Over the years our family has learned how to test open doors and see how far they go. 

Meeting our caboose. . .

Hands down the best trade I've ever made. We drove about an hour and a half away into the hills of Tennessee and when we all saw the caboose for the first time. . . it was AWESOME. I'm not a negotiator at ALL. . . so immediately I knew I was compromised. The gentleman we traded with must have had compassion on us and all our kids because he gave us a stellar deal and even helped with every step of the move to Alabama. 

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Adventures and challenges. . .

Our family quotes this often especially whenever we begin to hit walls/problems on trying new things. While these adventures create challenges they also create some good memories. Yesterday we hit trees, busted out some glass, knocked some power lines, took out a mailbox, and blew siding down the highway but all in all, it was a great day of teaching our kids how to push through problems. 

The picture above was a ramp we quickly put together to allow the power lines to slide over the top of the cupola on the caboose. Hopefully it worked and half of Fayetteville didn't lose power. . .

Adventures are Worth It

Adventures can be challenging but are amazingly great tools for growing together as a family. There is nothing like figuring out how to solve problems together, sledging iron spikes into a track (that's called hard work), and when it's all done relishing in the end results (while brainstorming new adventures). 

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3 Responses

Kevin Sheton

Kevin Sheton

August 23, 2022

There was a home like this in Cordele Ga.

Gigi Deal

Gigi Deal

August 10, 2022

Dear Holtz Family,
How can we know what a good ‘barter’ it was when we don’t know what that big beautiful red caboose cost you??? Besides blood, sweat and tears that is?! I think I (I mean we) really need to know the true cost of this adventure! Please don’t make me lay awake at night wondering….LoL
A fellow adventurer ❤️
p.s. ballpark trade costs is fine 😁👍

David Gray

David Gray

July 29, 2022

Building great memories is essential to raising a big family. Exciting times!

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