It’s Fall Y’all! Get outside and make an open fire chili ~ recipe inside ;)

It’s Fall Y’all!

Get outside and make an open fire chili ~ recipe below ;)

Hands down my favorite time of the year is fall… So many great memories of growing up doing bonfires, youth events, football Friday nights, hayrides, horseback riding, cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall leaves.  Coleen is always quick to point out that fall is the shortest of the seasons (meaning the leaves don’t last long) and then everything looks dead and cold :)


**(After reading this email to Coleen she said I made her sound like a wet blanket, so to be fair, Fall is also one of her favorite seasons TOO. . .but her favorite time of year is summer; she loves the heat.)

Yesterday we closed the business of our day outside surrounded by the ones we love and some amazing weather.  Coleen and Kelsey prepped an incredible open fire chili… One of my favorite chilis called beer, bacon, & bison with homemade toppings of fried onions, peppers and a variety of cheeses. (I will put the recipe below.)

Y'all, I'm loving the weather. . .Get outside and enjoy it!

Our Recipe

Okay. . . here is the recipe but we kind of wing it. . . so if you're for exact measurements this may not be for you! :)

1. Bacon

2. Bison

3. Beer

*** I didn’t make it so I really don’t know what else! ***

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Donald Key

Donald Key

November 12, 2022

I love your products and really love reading about your family

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